Your 3-Minute Guide to More Effective Fitness in 2017

by MapMyRun
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Your 3-Minute Guide to More Effective Fitness in 2017

Happy 2017! For those of you who have been with us all along, great to have you. You’re part of a community that is 190 million strong in more than 200 nations around the world.

If you’re new to Under Armour Connected Fitness, welcome! Maybe you’re here to get in better shape. Maybe you want to perfect the active pursuits you’re already passionate about — or discover that next passion. Maybe you want to drop a few pounds and learn how to eat healthier.

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together some of our best content about the four major pillars of wellness: sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition.

You’re probably here because you already have a fitness passion. Below is a quick guide to getting more out of your runs, rides and all-around training.

Be a better runner

How to Plan an Effective Racing Season
Even if you’ve raced a million races, there are always more to be run. Here’s a primer on how to approach the new year by mapping out a schedule, setting personal goals and establishing a training plan to help you get there.

Overcoming Those Tough Mile Markers
Whatever the distance — 5K, 10K, half- or full marathon — there’s always that tough mile marker to overcome. Most of that is in your head. Here’s a cheat sheet to bust through them all.

4 Ways to Become a Better Runner This Year
But, no matter how strong or fast you are, you can always be stronger and faster — physically and mentally. Try these four tips to up-level your running capability.

Why Every Runner Should Do Form Drills
Want to improve your form, power, efficiency and overall athleticism? Mix up your training with these form drills. And try adding strength work on the side for a truly holistic plan to be a better runner.


Get a leg up on cycling

Once You Use Clipless Pedals, You’ll Never Go Back
Seems simple, right? It’s crucial. Not only will this help you commit to the sport, but you’ll get better fitness benefits, too, by incorporating more of your muscle groups.

5 Cycling Tips to Improve Your Climbing
Dreaming of dominating that mountain? It doesn’t get easier, but getting stronger will help you get there. Try these strength-training tips and tactical hacks to be a pro climber.

Avoid Bonking on the Bike with These Easy Tips
Riding burns an insane amount of calories. The key is to stay ahead of the bonk — that feeling when you’ve got nothing left in the tank. Here’s how to push through.

The Power of Connected Training
Cycling takes a lot of stamina and mental determination. Wearables and data can help you take it to the next level — sometimes one you never dreamed was possible.


> Your 3-Minute Guide to Better Sleep in 2017
> Your 3-Minute Guide to Movement & Better Activity in 2017
Your 3-Minute Guide to Better Health & Nutrition in 2017

Maximize your training

5 Habits for a Better Early Morning Workout
We get it: You want to get that workout out of the way first thing in the morning, but it’s hard to rally at sun-up. You can turn that struggle around with these tips, from eating and drinking to getting the right warmup and picking the right fitness plan.

3 Pushup Workouts for Any Fitness Level
So basic, right? The truth is, this simple exercise can be the right challenge for everyone — if you’re doing it right. Check out this trio of videos along with a workout for every skill level.

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