Why We Need Global Run Day Now More Than Ever

Crystal Seaver
by Crystal Seaver
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Why We Need Global Run Day Now More Than Ever

While so many races have been postponed and events canceled, Global Running Day is still on the 2020 calendar for June 3. And we have ample reason to celebrate. It’s the one day each year designated to celebrating running, revel in passion and feel all the feels that come with lacing up whether it is Mile 1 or Mile Too Many To Count.

At its root, Global Running Day is a celebration of forward momentum. The linear motion that comes with a story. The kind of story filled with spaces and faces. It’s the idea of adventure on foot, the inner inspiration, outer aspiration and connection — even when distant.

Running is such an intimate way to experience the world. I have traveled the coasts of Ibiza with a group of women with a heart for running, run off-the-grid trails in Copper Canyon, Mexico breathlessly trying to keep stride with a barefoot runner, stomped around my backyard and explored the innermost workings of my mind along the East Coast, and embraced the steep and rugged downhills knowing the strength of my body in Squamish, British Columbia. The scenery changes, the love grows and because I simply don’t do well with sitting still, I have seen a whole lot of the world and terrain, on foot.


While my heart longs for these running adventures, I find myself coming back to the same thing — running is special anywhere — no matter where you are. Even at home. It’s a path of self-discovery and instant connection to others, globally, who feel the same energy powered by movement.

This year, on the first Wednesday in June, we probably won’t be venturing across borders, running with our groups or friends, participating in races or finishing up with post-run coffee or a party. But, we will be ready to navigate the world, see it in a new perspective and lace up our shoes for a walk or run around the block. I know I am ready to breathe the fresh air, challenge myself to see the familiar home route from a different perspective and feel part of a memorable 2020 celebration.

At this moment, know this: Running is powerful — really powerful. Anyone can celebrate, and we can encourage those around us to get moving. Share your own running stories, memories and plans, text — better yet, FaceTime — your friends, sign up for a challenge [like Through This Together, hosted by MapMyRun and Under Armour, post those running selfies to social and mark your calendar … for possibly the first time in months.


I don’t know what our new running reality will look like. But, I do know our desire to move forward and seek something more — whatever that more is — feels a little more special this year. So, on Global Running Day, June 3, I hope you celebrate, in your neighborhoods around the world and find that brief escape, feel your heartbeat and share this special chapter of you’re running love story. We get to do this, together.

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About the Author

Crystal Seaver
Crystal Seaver

Crystal loves a good challenge. After almost dying (exaggeration necessary) on her first 6-mile trail run, she was in — all in. Since that point, Crystal can check off 50Ks, 50s, 100 miles and the Georgia Death Race. She can also highlight fun runs, a DNF or two, and a lot of training time with really good company.These days you will find her in North Carolina, teaching fitness, blogging, walking the dogs, enjoying all the best coffee spots, and balancing this crazy thing called life. Follow her on Instagram @crystalseaver.


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