Why Pros Run at Night

Melanie Rembrandt
by Melanie Rembrandt
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Why Pros Run at Night

Your workday is done, and now it’s time for you. You head out the door into the moonlight, and a cool breeze wakes up your senses. The leaves crunch under your feet, and the smell of a wood-burning fireplace off in the distance wafts through the air. You turn the corner and feel your heart race as you scan the surroundings for activity. But Main Street is empty except for a few twinkling shop lights … and the stress of the day melts away as you pick up the pace.

With long work hours for thousands of people around the world, more and more runners are taking to the streets after sunset. And while this can be exhilarating, running in the dark also offers a few dangers lurking in the shadows. Because of this, we want to share some valuable tips and insider insights to help improve your safety, and enhance your night running experiences.

We interviewed some professional UA Runners, and here’s what they had to say:

Q: What do you love about running at night?

Rachel Schneider: I love that everything is more still/silent at night. It’s extremely peaceful, especially when you can see the stars. It also feels pretty badass knowing that most people aren’t brave or bold enough to run after the sun goes down.

Q: Do you have any interesting stories about running at night?

Schneider: A few weeks ago, I paced my brother-in-law for 15 miles through a canyon, all at night. It was a part of his ultramarathon race, and it was so fun! I’ve never seen such an incredible night sky. I was happy to have good gear and company because we kept passing bear poop on the trail.


Q: When and why do you run at night?

Frezer Legesse: I usually take night runs to clear my mind and reset. Throughout my training, I get so focused and intense about every little thing that I do. I add night runs to my program to just get in the mileage and relax. I usually run without a GPS watch so that I am not thinking about paces.

Q: What are some safety tips every runner should remember before running at night?

Legesse: If possible, run with a partner or some place people are out. Stay away from uneven surfaces and rough footing, take your phone with you, and know where you are running. I learned these tips from experience so I highly recommend them.

These are just a few insights from our UA pros on how to improve your night-running experience. Go out, embrace the elements, and be sure to run safely in the dark.

Do you run at night too? What comments and tips do you have about running in the dark? Please share your thoughts below.


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