What’s your #RunMantra?

by allison.glass
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What’s your #RunMantra?

Do you know the sounds of your neighborhood streets before the sun rises? Have you listened to the syncopated footsteps of your partners running through the trails of new territory? Have you seen the falls leaves change with a new season, as you get stronger in preparation for your goal? These are all signs you’re training for a marathon.

The marathon is far more than a foot race; it’s a 26.2-mile celebration of life, liberty and the pursuit of greatness. Cities large and small shut down roads, postpone business, and gather on the streets to cheer on the brave and hardy participants who take part in this ancient tradition. This task is not meant for all – only the strong-willed can take on this mission – physically, emotionally and mentally.

We want to truly celebrate these runners. So this marathon season we hit the streets of Brooklyn with a camera and pro runner Katie Holdridge, of NYNJ track club, with a mission to capture the spirit of the marathon. We called this project RunMantra and our goal is to tell the story of a runner aiming for greatness. Follow our story on Instagram and share your similar journeys and inspiration along the way with #MapMyRunMantra. We hope to inspire, conjure and exercise the runner in us all.

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