Unique Cushioning Technology in the Fortis 3 is a Game Changer

Emma Sklarin
by Emma Sklarin
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Unique Cushioning Technology in the Fortis 3 is a Game Changer

Have you ever gotten home after a long day, exhausted and ready to flop on the couch for the night — except for the fact that you’d planned a running workout? The post-work energy slump is definitely a thing, and it takes a lot to get me out of it. I never would have thought that a pair of running shoes could help me out of those slumps, until I tried Under Armour’s Threadborne Fortis 3 shoes.

Imagine: You’re coming off of a weekend long run, and your feet and calves are still tight from the miles. But you committed to run today, so you slip on your sneakers for a tough interval workout. As you stand up and walk out of the door, you suddenly realize that your aches disappeared. Your feet are experiencing the perfect mix of firm support and super-soft cushion. This is the magic of the Threadborne Fortis 3.


As a triathlete, I expect a lot from my running shoes. For starters, multi-sport training means that I’m almost always sore from a bike or swim workout before I even step out for a run. That’s why I need shoes that don’t punish my feet when I’m tired. It’s also why I’m so picky about my running shoes.

I have to admit, for years I was extremely loyal to a different brand of running shoes until they changed the fit, and I didn’t like how they felt on my feet anymore. I was excited to try the Threadborne Fortis 3 because I desperately needed to find a new go-to pair, and the Dual-layer Charged Cushioning® promised to make my recovery-day runs much easier on my muscles with molded foam midsoles.

At first, I was a little thrown off when I started running in my Fortis 3s. The internal ankle bootie, built into the shoes for support, felt too tight on the back of my heels. I hate feeling constricted by my running shoes, especially because my feet always swell when I run. However, as I ran in the shoes more, they loosened up over time and stretched to fit my feet. Eventually, they’d molded to my feet so well that every step felt like walking on a pillow-top mattress.


I like to mix up my training by running trails for easier runs and the road for sprint and interval workouts. With my old shoes, I couldn’t do road runs more than once a week because the pounding was hard on my joints. The repetitive impact of my bodyweight on the pavement put a lot of stress on my feet, legs and hips, both during my runs and for days later.

Not only did my Fortis 3 shoes leave me less sore after sprint workouts on the road, but they also transitioned well between trail and road running. While I typically buy trail shoes (which the Fortis 3s are not), the shoes are shaped to adapt well enough to trail runs. Their structured inner layer around the ankle offers a defense against sprained ankles, while the woven top is flexible enough for the trail.



Beyond running workouts, the Fortis 3s were so comfortable that I left them on when I went out to do errands and even got compliments on them at the grocery store. They’re simple, sleek and match my sporty outfits. Mine are the black and gray colorway that balances out my super-bright running gear perfectly.

The design isn’t just for looks, though — the woven top is breathable, airing out my feet and keeping my shoes smelling great (or at least not terrible). The base is firm and springy, with grooves that offer enough traction for whatever kind of running or walking adventures are on deck.


At $109.99, the Threadborne Fortis 3 shoes are in the same price range as most comparable running shoes. If you’re considering making the switch, I think the uniquely soft support is a great reason to try a pair. When I trained in them the day after a tough workout or on double days, I felt notably less sore than in my old shoes.

Although they took a few runs to break in, the shape-forming cushioning was worth the extra effort. They’ve become one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve owned, and I love putting them on for runs, workouts and strolls around town. From mountain trails to neighborhood strolls, my Threadborne Fortis 3 shoes are the no-nonsense pair that I look forward to wearing.

NOTE: I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are genuine, truthful and impartial.


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Emma Sklarin
Emma Sklarin

A runner and a triathlete, Emma loves combining her favorite things – writing and great workouts. Emma is a student at Dartmouth College, where she studies Creative Writing and races for the Dartmouth Triathlon Team. She is a San Francisco native, where the views and trails never get old.


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