The Weirdest-Looking Exercises You Should Start Doing

Anthony J. Yeung
by Anthony J. Yeung
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The Weirdest-Looking Exercises You Should Start Doing

To build the body you want and improve your fitness, you have to be willing to do some things you don’t love. It can be a sacrifice, but getting out of your comfort zone is what it’s all about.

Sure, you know the squat and bench press, but there are also several strange-looking exercises that actually get real results. To the untrained eye, they might look like something from a “Gym Fail” video, but they actually help build strength, power and an incredible physique.

Say hello to the nine weirdest-looking exercises that boost your fitness. Once you try them, you’ll laugh your way to an awesome physique.


For ultimate athleticism, you need strong and powerful glutes to help with jumps, sprints and pushing opponents. However exercises like deadlifts can sometimes hurt your lower back if you have pre-existing injuries or poor technique. Instead, this move will strengthen your hips and teach you how to do a picture-perfect deadlift.


We all know the barbell squat. You can do a front squat or back squat — and that’s about it, right?

Well, believe it or not, holding a heavy barbell with your elbows can unleash a new mode of leg training. Called a “Zercher Squat,” you’ll activate your core (and arms) more than traditional barbell squats and prevent yourself from collapsing forward. Start light and build strength; your arms will get used to it. (You can also use barbell pads for additional cushioning.)


If you thought the pull-through was strange, get ready for the best exercise for strong glutes: the barbell hip thrust.

You’ll add a ton of muscle to your backside — without stressing your knees or lower back — and you’ll see improvements on every other lower-body exercise. You’ll also reduce the chances of hamstring pulls by training your glutes to support your running gait.


Everyone wants a sexy midsection. That’s why, whenever you go to the gym, you’ll see crowds of people doing situps, planks, and other traditional core exercises.

Yet the push-pull is the hidden gem of abdominal training. (Seriously, when have you seen this move before?) You’ll strengthen your abs, obliques and deep core muscles like no other as you keep your torso still and push and pull at the same time.


The name SLBR (pronounced “slobber”) is strange enough, but wait until you try it.
The supine lying ball roll blasts your midsection in a unique way. You have to force your core to resist twisting and bending while maintaining great spine position.


The crawl is an incredibly easy and safe exercise with so many benefits. You’ll improve your joint stability, core strength, muscular endurance and cross-body connections between opposite arm and leg.

The result? Better connection between your upper body and lower body and great movement patterns that can handle some serious weight. It just feels silly because most of us haven’t crawled since the age of two.


Welcome to one of the most complete core exercises. The Turkish get-up looks complex (and odd), but trust us — it gives you everything you need for a strong core, total-body stability, healthy movement patterns and great conditioning.

Start with no weight. Instead make a fist and balance your shoe on top of your knuckles as you go through the Turkish get-up. Once you build foundational strength and get used to the movement, slowly add weight with kettlebells.


The key to a great workout is a great warmup. Gone are the days of a 5-minute run on a treadmill and toe touches. Now, elite athletes spend a lot of time preparing their bodies with activation and mobility drills before even touching a weight.

Use fire hydrants for a great glute-activation drill before your workouts. You’ll improve your hip stability and mobility, and you’ll activate your core.


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Anthony J. Yeung
Anthony J. Yeung

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