Are Sugar-Free and Fat-Free Products Fooling You?

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Are Sugar-Free and Fat-Free Products Fooling You?

Sure. It’s easy to see how “Sugar Free” and “Fat Free” products sound extremely appealing to the consumer. No sugar or fat? It must be way healthier than the real thing. Errr…Wrong. This common misconception has many people fooled. The claim is true that the product doesn’t contain sugar and fat, however, if you take a look at what else is included, well then you might think twice about reaching for these “healthier” options.

Keri Glassman, MS, RN, CDN, founder and president of Nutritious Life gives us the real scoop on these product claims in her article in U.S. Health News.

You know better: Products labeled “sugar-free” and “fat-free” are not shortcuts to flat abs and tank-top arms. While it may be tempting to reach for the sugar-free cookies or the fat-free cheese, don’t let that temptation get the best of you. Give yourself a little slap on the wrist, step away from the Oreos and hightail it out of that grocery aisle — stat!

Those “sugar-free” products may not pack any refined sugars, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of dangerous territory. In these products, sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners, which are not any better for you. In fact, they’re worse. Sure, artificial sweeteners don’t have calories, but they’re hundreds of times sweeter than real sugar, which can cause serious confusion for your body. When you eat something sweet, your body expects calories to follow. Because artificial sweeteners don’t have any calories, your body goes looking for them later. (Hello, late-night cereal binge.) So remember, if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to stay away from both real sugar and artificial sweeteners. But, if the sweet tooth strikes too hard and you can’t resist, allow yourself a conscious indulgence of the real thing.

Sure, you want to avoid trans fats and saturated fats, but the general term “fat” should not always be negative. When it comes to monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids, I could scream from the mountaintop how much I love them. Yes, I love fat! If you want to know a little more on how to incorporate these good fats into your diet, check out the video below.

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