Shoelacing Fixes for Every Running Issue [Infographic]

Erica Schuckies
by Erica Schuckies
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Shoelacing Fixes for Every Running Issue [Infographic]

Running can be tough on your feet. That’s why finding the right shoe is critical. However, even the most expensive running shoes can lead to discomfort and pain during a run. Feet come in all shapes and sizes (and arch heights and widths) — unfortunately, that can cause issues when it comes to the repetitive motion of running. If you already know that you’re wearing the right shoe for you, the solution could be in your lacing method.

Fortunately, these lacing techniques can help relieve pain and pressure in the right places and help you get back to pain-free running.



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About the Author

Erica Schuckies
Erica Schuckies

Erica is a runner, gym rat and outdoor buff based in Austin, Texas. She is a lifelong athlete, having participated in a number of sports from her youth years well into her adult life. Erica has a passion for creating and sharing information, motivation and inspiration to help athletes-in-training across the world. She previously worked as the Running Editor at You can follow Erica on Twitter or Instagram.


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