The Running Stories You Loved in 2017

by MapMyRun
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The Running Stories You Loved in 2017

Running can be a love or hate experience — even if you call yourself a runner. As far as workouts go, it’s one of the simplest ways to train, so long as you have a good pair of running shoes. Looking back on the year, we sifted through the articles we published on the subject and selected the ones that resonated the most with you.

These 12 are worthy of a read — or a re-read.

1. The 3 Types of Runs Every Runner Should Do

Most of us usually do roughly the same thing on every run, but the way to get better is to diversify. This story breaks runs into three categories.

2. 10 Things Not to Say to a Runner

You know you’re a runner when non-runners say these things to you and it induces an automatic eyeroll. Welcome to the club.

3. 6 Surprises About 5Ks No One Ever Tells You

Whether you’re about to race your first 5K or you can’t remember how many you’ve run, you’ll get a kick out of this list.

4. 5 Major Myths Running Coaches Want You to Forget

We all love a good mythbusting, especially when it comes from the pros — and especially if we can put it to use to make ourselves faster and better.

5. 7 Exercises to Treat and Prevent IT Band Syndrome

ITBS is common in runners and sometimes hard to spot. If you suffer from it, this 15-minute rehab routine should help.

6. The 5 Worst Habits of Runners

Runners want to avoid one thing and one thing only: getting injured. This science-backed advice points out how certain bad habits may sideline the most well-intentioned runner.


7. 7 Post-Run Mistakes to Avoid

You might think training starts and ends when your run starts and ends, but it’s what you do between training runs that really counts. If you want to get faster, think about how you fuel, hydrate, sleep and more.

8. The Sneaky 15-Second Trick to Boost Your Running

Turns out you can really do a lot in 15 seconds … Take it from us, your running skills will thank you.

9. 5 Reasons You’re Not Improving as a Runner

Hitting a plateau can be discouraging, but with a few simple tweaks, you can build on your strong foundation and see improvements in no time.

10. 7 Expert Tips for Running for Weight Loss

It boils down to calories in and calories out — and running definitely helps with the latter. But there are nuances to running for weight loss that you need to know about.

11. 5 Things Pro Runners Do that You Should, Too

The pros are just like us in the end (OK, maybe a little faster), so it’s useful to compare their approach to yours so you can hone your skill.

12. 7 Things Runners Should Know as We Get Older

There’s an art and a balance to running, aging and injury prevention that’s all interrelated no matter your age.

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