Ready to Try Something New? Samsung’s Firsts Never Stop Challenge Dares You to Go There

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Ready to Try Something New? Samsung’s Firsts Never Stop Challenge Dares You to Go There

by MapMyRun
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Ready to Try Something New?  Samsung’s Firsts Never Stop Challenge Dares You to Go There

As the temperatures start to normalize — we won’t miss you, triple digits — runners across the country are starting to emerge from the air-conditioned gyms where they spent the last few months slogging out miles on the treadmill.

With cooler weather, less allergens and still fairly long daylight hours, September is the perfect time to start running — or set new running goals. The Samsung Firsts Never Stop – Run Edition challenge provides the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and potentially achieve things you’ve never done before.

Samsung and Under Armour have collaborated to inspire you to push beyond your comfort zone and take on your own ‘Firsts.’ Join Under Armour’s Kyle Dietz, a former MMA-athlete-turned-trail-runner on a challenge that will celebrate individual running milestones.

Accomplishing something for the first time isn’t done every day, so it’s that much more rewarding to see your hard work pay off and finally conquer your goal. That’s why Samsung wants to reward MapMyFitness users who achieve “first” milestones along their running journey. When you sign up for the Samsung Firsts Never Stop – Run Edition challenge, you’ll receive badges for the first time you log running miles before 9 AM, the first 5K run logged and the first time you clock an average pace less than 10 minutes per mile (you speedster, you).

When you complete all three of these awesome accomplishments for the first time (or if we’re getting technical, for the first time in this challenge), you’ll be entered to win UA run gear, plus the Gear Fit2 Pro, Samsung’s newest fitness tracker. Best of all, the Gear Fit2 Pro offers the MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal apps directly on the device, so you can log workouts, meals and water consumption all from your wrist!


So what are you waiting for? Your first sub-10 minute mile is out there waiting for you!

But first (see what we did there?), you gotta sign up for the challenge! See you on the trail!

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Samsung and Under Armour have partnered to capture every run, ride, walk and hike in one app. Run untethered with the Gear Fit2 Pro’s built-in GPS that tracks your running route, distance and speed in real time with the MapMyRun app. Finally, a fitness band you can run with while your phone stays at home.

The information gathered from this device or its related software is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Accuracy may be affected by factors such as environmental conditions, skin condition, specific activity performed, settings/user input, placement of the sensor on the wrist and other end-user interactions. Please refer to the user manual for more information on proper wear and use, or visit Samsung’s website.

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