Stay on Beat During Your Next Workout With Propel

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Stay on Beat During Your Next Workout With Propel

Music can play an integral part of your workout. Whether it’s an upbeat tune during a run, or soothing songs during a yoga class, we know how impactful the right playlist can be – that’s why we have partnered with Propel, our latest fitness partner, on a new music experience to energize your workouts.

This new integration allows our community to create and save iTunes playlists to specific workouts. Now you can keep track of what tunes matter most and know exactly what song provided that extra boost during your run. Along with all of the fitness stats you care about, we are providing a complete record of your workout experience.

To add a playlist to your workout:

  • Launch the MapMyFitness app, select “Record Workout”
  • Select “Music” from the top scroll bar
  • Select your Playlist, Artist, or shuffle songs for a variety
  • Begin workout (your music will automatically save to your activity)

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.29.08 PM

We’re also making it easy to view songs your friends are listening to. Through the Activity Feed, explore your friend’s playlists by selecting workouts with a playlist attached. If music was listened to during the workout, a post-workout status will be displayed, “See the soundtrack to this workout.” Selecting this message will take you straight to your friend’s playlist. Don’t worry though – if you want to keep your friends guessing, simply set your playlist to private.

Propel Electrolyte Water provides pure unflavored water with gatorade-level electrolytes – perfect for refueling after any workout. However, this new partnership with Propel connects our members on a deeper level with musical motivation during workout activity. Keeping our community active is our number one mission, and we’re excited to introduce this feature for an easier way to find music that inspires you. Create your playlist today!

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