Our Individual Journey Makes Us Unlike Any: Alison Désir

by MapMyRun
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Our Individual Journey Makes Us Unlike Any: Alison Désir

We are all unique. Each day we rise to meet our own challenges head-on — and we do our best. Day after day of striving and trying and honing and failing and coming back and succeeding — that’s what we do. That’s our reality, and that’s what sets each of us apart as individuals. Nobody can do you better than you.

Through the Unlike Any campaign, each week we will honor under-recognized feats of female athleticism by showcasing women who cannot be compared to anyone who has come before them. We’re celebrating them — in film and poetry — for what they have achieved and elevating them to where they belong: Above gender roles. Above labels. Above convention. Above comparison.

In celebrating them, we celebrate you.

Alison Désir | UNLIKE ANY
Poem by Aja Monet

Alison Mariella Désir is an endurance athlete, activist, and run crew founder. She has turned her athleticism into activism to support women’s rights and serve urban communities by curating inclusive runs and events that create an authentic experience around how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I lift myself, I raise
Unafraid and daring
I am what escapes

what flees and flies
what splits and dashes

I am a dance
I do not fall

I am a heel breaking the ground
the dust of toes
wings waving in wind

I move,
I am a movement
focused and fierce, I smile.
I laugh,
I lift and carry sisters
I am most free running for freedom

Unlike Any.


> Natasha Hastings
> Zoe Zhang
> Jessie Graff

Aja Monet is an American contemporary poet, writer, and activist of Cuban-Jamaican descent. Her work has been internationally recognized, and her most noted poem “My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter” recently headlined at the Women’s March in D.C.


> Jessie Graff, Stunt Woman
> Alison Desir, Harlem Run Founder
> Misty Copeland, Principal Ballerina
> Natasha Hastings, World Champion Sprinter
> Zoe Zhang, Actress & Taekwondo Black Belt

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