10K Training Plan

by MapMyRun
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10K Training Plan

Whether you’ve run hundreds of 10K races or never before ventured that far, the key to having the perfect race is being fully prepared when you toe the starting line — and you can’t do that without plenty of hard work, planning and a great training plan.

While the first two are up to you, we’ve got the last part covered. This training plan covers everything you need to do leading up to your race, including how far and when to run, how to cross-train with strength and mobility exercises and, most importantly, when to take rest days!

Combined with your commitment to training and a healthy dose of sweat, you’re just eight weeks away from your best (or first) 10K. Are you ready to run? Register now for the Under Armour Eastside 10K in Vancouver, British Columbia on September 14th.


The movement and mobility routine will prepare your body for running by increasing mobility at the ankles, hips and spine. It will also activate your body for the twice weekly strength sessions. Keeping the body in good condition is not only better for performance, but also helps you stay injury-free. These pre-run exercises are developed to work on areas of the body that are pushed to the max while running, specifically the feet, hips and torso.

Times per week: Every day
Required equipment: Foam roller


The running program is built for beginner- and intermediate-level runners. You will be introduced to tempo running, fast hill repeats and long slow runs, as well as understanding the discipline of recovery runs.

Times per week: 5X


The strength program is designed specifically to meet the demands of a runner who is looking to get a competitive edge. It is not designed to build muscle, but rather enhance your stability and mobility to run stronger. All sessions are circuit-based to help build strength while taxing your cardiovascular system.

Times per week: 2X
Optional equipment: Kettlebells, dumbbells


The recovery routine is based on Under Armour’s belief that today’s recovery is tomorrow’s training. It is essential to attempt to restore movement quality after a run. The program is designed to hit the areas of the body that need the most attention. These moves will require a foam roller or tennis ball, which can be found at your local gym or health club. These moves should be done after every workout.

Times per week: Every day
Required equipment: Foam roller or tennis ball

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