Tips for the New York City Marathon

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Tips for the New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is a communal expression of will. Dating back to 1970 this race has marked time in the lives of millions; may they be the brave participants or thousands of spectators shouting from the sidelines. Encompassing the five boroughs of our country’s largest city, this event brings together friends, families and the community that makes New York City great. This week, we at MapMyRun salute you for taking on this endeavor. We wish nothing but the realization of your dreams coming true. The work has been done, so go enjoy it.

From our digital arsenal, we have put together some helpful items to help you manifest your run destiny come race day, including the race route.

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We also put together some marathon courses along the route to compete with thousands along the way:

Want more? Follow these tips from pro runner Katie Holdridge and follow along on our Instagram page:

  • BELIEVE in yourself. TRUST in your training. Be BRAVE!
  • Don’t make excuses. If you want it, make it happen and go get it!
  • TRY YOUR BEST and no one can be mad at you. It’s not life or death; the world is still spinning tomorrow no matter how you do. You might as well give it all you have!

Good luck, runners!

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