Need a New Route? Try Route Genius

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Need a New Route? Try Route Genius

Whether you’re looking for a route in a new city, or just want to explore a different area around town, mapping out a new course can be tricky. Route Genius is an MVP feature that creates routes custom to where you are and what you’re looking for. Quickly create maps by entering desired area and distance goal. This can be done both through the mobile apps and on the MapMyFitness websites.

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Here’s how to utilize this feature:

  • With the app, go into ‘Record a Workout’ in your main menu. Click ‘Select a Route,’ which will take you to your Routes page. On this page, make sure ‘Nearby’ is selected on the top right. Then select ‘Route Genius’ below, taking you to your Route Genius page.
  • On the Route Genius page, click the settings button on the top right. Choose your activity type (only ride or run at the moment), direction you want to go, and turn on ‘avoid highways.’
  • Next, enter your distance (approximate miles) at the top left, and then click the middle arrows button (between distance and settings) to generate a route. Want to see what other routes there are? Just click the generate button again to see a new one. Keep going until you find the perfect workout.
  • Once you’ve found one that hits the spot, tap ‘Save.’ If you’re ready to hit the ground right then, click ‘Do It.’ If you’re planning to do this route later, it’s already been saved in the ‘My Routes’ tab on the Routes page, and is ready for you access at any time.

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Now get exploring!

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