Mapping Your Heart Rate Using MapMyRide

Dru Ryan
by Dru Ryan
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Mapping Your Heart Rate Using MapMyRide

When paired with a compatible heart rate monitor or fitness tracker, MapMyRide offers several ways to view your post-workout heart rate data. Your heart rate metrics reveal information about your level of effort and overall fitness.

Using heart rate metrics allows you to answer the question: “How hard is hard?” This data can be used to better inform the progress you’re making as an athlete.

Smart athletes seek to understand how their body reacts to stress — such as climbing or sprinting. These intense efforts elevate your heart rate. Your ability to manage your breathing is key to either endeavor.

Check out these ways to view heart rate information in MapMyRide:



Click the drop down arrow on the top right to reveal minimum, maximum and average heart beats per minute. Every athlete is different, so use your stats to find out what your base is. By knowing your VO2 max, or the maximum amount of oxygen you can use while exercising intensely, and resting heart rate, you can validate minimum and maximum values.



View a timeline of heart rate data alongside other metrics. Use the radio buttons on the bottom left to view other metrics vis-a-vis heart rate.



Heart rate splits, a premium feature, shows heart rate data across multiple time intervals. A high-intensity interval training session typically reveals greater disparities between the short and long time blocks. Endurance rides display less variability across time increments.



Heart rate zones depict your level of effort during physical activity. MapMyRide uses (220 beats per minute minus your age) to automatically set your zones. Press the “Heart Rate Settings” button to customize these values.

The above screenshots are from the web version of MapMyRide. The mobile app offers similar information in a mobile-friendly form.


The more you know about your body, the better you can train it. Go ahead and connect your heart rate monitor or fitness tracker before your next workout and find out “How hard you’re really working!”

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Dru Ryan
Dru Ryan
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