A Major Accomplishment in Walking History, as Told by Instagram

A Major Accomplishment in Walking History, as Told by Instagram

Sarah Sung
by Sarah Sung
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A Major Accomplishment in Walking History, as Told by Instagram

A few weeks ago, we reported on the kickoff of EverWalk, the group walk founded by history-making swimmer Diana Nyad and her long-time expedition leader Bonnie Stoll that spanned nearly 140 miles from Los Angeles to San Diego over seven days. As a little refresher, EverWalk is a five-year campaign aimed at motivating people to live a more active lifestyle through walking, culminating in a coast-to-coast walk in 2020.

In addition to organized group walks like the inaugural one, EverWalk Nation invites anyone to take the pledge to walk at least three times a week, anywhere, anytime. While EverWalk Nation is really the mainstay of the movement, these epic group walks will happen annually, and it’s hard to not want to check in on the bonding, friendships, sights and vistas that are an inevitable outcome of such an inspirational endeavor.

So without further ado, let’s see how the first group EverWalk went. Spoiler alert: Rainbows were involved.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. And they smartly remembered to stretch and limber up for a week’s worth of 20-mile daily walks.

There were long walks on the beach…

And more stretching…

And a sentimental mile-marker at Mile 110.86, commemorating Diana’s one-woman swim from Cuba to Florida.

Some days were tough, but those are the ones that bring you together.

On the seventh day, they did it!

We’ve done it! Our hope that we, Bonnie and I, could inspire others who might not have yet known an EPIC achievement, has just realized. Our inaugural @EverWalkUSA, Los Angeles to San Diego, was not without painful blisters, a few tears, and much soul-searching but we all made it down the coast, 7 days at approximately 20 miles per day. And we now rightly call our first walking ambassadors EPIC! A tender personal moment for me was at mile 110.86, where our production crew had mounted a tribute to the miles we covered in the swim from Cuba. Now we roll up our shirtsleeves to build EverWalk Nation. Perhaps ambitious, we are going to get a million of you pledging to walk three times a week over this next year. Join the movement, will you? Go to EverWalk.com, click Pledge, and get WALKING!

A photo posted by Diana Nyad (@diananyad) on

And now to continue with the pledge and the next group walk…


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Sarah Sung
Sarah Sung

An avid runner, cyclist, swimmer, yogi and all-around gym rat, Sarah Sung has written lifestyle, health and fitness content for publications including AFAR, San Francisco Chronicle, Sonima and UrbanDaddy. Now she manages editorial for MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. In her spare time she teaches indoor cycling in San Francisco and has raced in triathlons in California and Hawaii. Traveling and checking out the latest dining scene are always high on her to-do list.


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