Feel Safe On Your Next Run With Live Tracking

by allison.glass
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Feel Safe On Your Next Run With Live Tracking

One of our most coveted features of the MVP membership (MVP = Most Valuable Player for you new folks) is Live Tracking. Live Tracking allows all of your MapMyFitness friends to track your progress along a route in real time using a combination of GPS signal and cellular data. If you choose to Live Track during your workout, any of your friends within the MapMyFitness community can follow your progress.

Live Tracking is great for race events (mom now knows when to meet you at the finish line), early morning/late night runs (your husband knows you’re safe the entire route), or even to add extra motivation and get you moving.

What’s great about this feature is only the person wishing to be tracked needs to have an MVP membership. To view the person Live Tracking you can navigate to the app and simply select the “Live” tab. You will then see where you friends are and how they’re pacing. MapMyFitness friends who are in the same geographic area will appear as Live Tracking on the map while you record an activity.

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This feature works best when you have a community to workout with, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to connect with those you already know. Find Facebook and Twitter friends already using MapMyFitness directly within the app. Your friends will receive activity notifications* when you start and complete your workout.

To upgrade to our MVP membership, please visit mvp.mapmyrun.com. You can also view some tips for Live Tracking on our Help Center.

*Push Notifications need to be enabled to receive updates on Live Tracking.

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