Let’s Get Social – MapMyFitness Around the Web

by Rachel Daily
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Let’s Get Social – MapMyFitness Around the Web

While mapping your workouts is our number one focus, our mission is to help make all MapMyFitness athletes better! Maybe you use the app to track your stats month over month, track your progress towards race day, or use it to find a new route. What you may not know is that we’re also all over the internet offering up tips, motivational reminders to stick with it, and active conversations with our users to answer questions about the app or offer a cheering word of encouragement! Want to get in on the fun? If you have a social network preference, we’re likely on it and would love to hang out with you long after the jog is over. See you on the interwebs! 


Facebook – MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk

No matter which app of ours you use, we have a Facebook page tailor made just for you! With motivational pictures, guides to staying in shape on the road or improving your workout form, and tons of product news can be found on our news feeds. Sometimes we try to be funny on there too. Apologies for any puns in advance. 


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Twitter – MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk

The charm of the MapMy crew in 140 characters or less! Pick which app you use, follow along, and tweet us back! We love talking with our Twitter followers and have even been known to send personal cheerleader tweets when you tell us about your upcoming race or marathon! You can also set your app to auto-post your workout results to Twitter for you so you can have your friends cheer you on too! 


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Instagram – MapMyFitness 

Oh Instagram how we love thee. Not only can we be runners, cyclists, push-upers, and more, but we can also try our hand at photography! Check out our coverage of live MapMyFitness events, internal MapMy team workouts and group runs, and plenty of aesthetically pleasing motivation coming at you right in the palm of your hand! #Latergram #Fitspo #NoFilter


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Under Armour Women –  (mobile app and desktop) 

Under Armour rolled out their own social network this year alongside the now famous and viral Misty Copeland ad. The idea behind this platform is that you can surround yourself with like minded fitness enthusiasts so that chatting about workouts, fitness, and lifestyle goals are going out to folks that may not being as encouraging on other platforms. It’s easy to sign up and totally free! 


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Pinterest – MapMyFitness 

Need an easy last minute healthy recipe for dinner tonight? What about a micro workout to squeeze in before your conference in your hotel room? From fitness fashion to nutrition news and everything in between, Pinterest is the easiest way for us to get you some of the best content on the internet from not only us but some of our favorite fitness partners as well! 

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Tumblr – MapMyFitness

This is how we tumbl this is this is how we tumbl. For videos, gifs we can’t get enough of, and a daily dose of the fun that is Tumblr, you can find us reblogging and posting our own goodies each day. 


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