How To Track “Typical” Workouts That Aren’t So Typical

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How To Track “Typical” Workouts That Aren’t So Typical

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and record a workout? Recording a workout is not always easy for the alternative athlete. When you defy the boundaries of a typical sport or workout you can’t strap a phone to your arm or waist and hit “Record.”

I play Ultimate Frisbee– a high intensity team sport of 7 v. 7 that resembles a mix of football, soccer, and basketball and sadly does NOT include dogs. I struggle to find ways to accurately record my workouts and show my friends and coworkers how hard I actually work.

Luckily, MapMyFitness has more than 600 types of activities to choose from, so in the past I would typically log a generalized “Frisbee/Ultimate” workout after each practice or game (secretly knowing that the calories burned were a bit lower than what I had left on the field. I obviously burned enough calories to justify eating that whole pizza right?) However, all is not lost for the alternative athlete! Your workouts are not done in vain!


This past weekend in Frisco, Texas was the Club Championship tournament where the top 16 teams from each division (Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed) in the nation compete to take home the trophy for the best team in the U.S. Of course I knew I was about to do a lot of running and I wanted to prove just how hard you actually work in this sport. For most people, strapping your phone to your arm is not an option in team sports but wearing an activity tracker is. Activity trackers enable you to log not so typical workouts that include lateral movements or jumping so you can earn some bragging rights while keeping track of your fitness.

On a typical tournament day I play three two-hour games, and that my friends, can be a ton of running! I wore a Jawbone UP during my workouts and barely noticed I was wearing it.

At the end of my workouts I checked out the 24/7 section of the app to see how much work I had put in. It turns out, I ran 8.5 miles during 6 hours of Ultimate! That’s a lot of sprinting. It’s nice to be able to compare actual results instead of just guessing how hard you worked.

The next time you think that your sport or workout is too obscure to track, consider grabbing an activity tracker to help get the job done. Besides, how else will you know how many extra pieces of pizza you can eat?


About the author: Alexe Klein is a member of the MapMyFitness Product Support team and avid Ultimate Frisbee champion.

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