MapMyFitness and Launch Gear Tracker

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MapMyFitness and Launch Gear Tracker

Digital training gets a major upgrade with the newest MapMyFitness feature Gear Tracker, powered by Now available across the MapMyFitness mobile apps, this long-awaited (and first of its kind) feature lets members add athletic shoes to their account, record mileage from walks, runs and hikes and receive notifications when it’s time for a new pair of shoes.



The average athletic shoe has a suggested lifespan of 300-500 miles, at which point common injuries like shin splints and runner’s knee become more likely. When adding shoes to Gear Tracker, users can adjust the gear lifespan and set the start date to retroactively add miles from past workouts. powers the shoe search engine, and with more than 8,500 athletic shoes in the company’s catalog, members can add multiple gear items, based on activity type.


Once shoes are added, users will receive updates when they reach major milestones at 50%, 75% and 100% (based on the lifespan selected, typically 400 miles). Members can “retire” old gear once maximum miles are reached and create a virtual trophy room to showcase accomplishments and highlight your best workouts. For the first time ever, in depth gear usage patterns can be overlaid with workout history and current performance to give our members insights into how they can perform better.


An integrated e-commerce partnership is another integral part of this new feature. After a pair of shoes has reached its threshold, members can shop and purchase directly within the app through Buy the same pair, or try out something new. The complete Zappos catalog will be available for purchase, and recommendations will be provided based on your preferences.

How to get started:

  • Within the updated app, select Gear Tracker from the menu
  • Select ‘Add Gear’
  • Search for shoes by brand or model type
  • Select start date, set lifespan (default is 400 miles), and add previous miles if the shoes are not new; you can also nickname shoes from this screen
  • Select ‘Add Gear’
  • Confirm your gear is selected on the Record Workout screen, and start tracking
  • Share your gear on social media and spread the word

To add some gear and start tracking your mileage, visit

*At launch Gear Tracker will only include athletic shoes. Additional gear, including apparel, will be added in future versions. This feature will be coming soon to Android.

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