Free Your Hands While Running with Under Armour’s Speedpocket Shorts

Anthony J. Yeung
by Anthony J. Yeung
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Free Your Hands While Running with Under Armour’s Speedpocket Shorts

Let me start by saying: I usually don’t wear anything special when I run.

I have some tennis shorts from years back and I run in a free cotton T-shirt I got from a gym where I used to work. Part of it is preference; the other part laziness.

But recently, Under Armour asked me to try its Speedpocket running shorts during my jogs to see what I thought and how they performed. Fortunately, putting them on was a cinch — one leg after the other — and I was ready to run!

After running in them a number of times, here are my opinions on the 9-inch Speedpocket running shorts.



When I run, I only take lip balm (because Denver is super dry) and my keys (because I want to go back home when I’m done). Previously, I would put my keychain through the drawstring of my shorts, tie it tight and run — that way, it wouldn’t jangle incessantly as it bounced around during my run or fall out of my pocket.

The Speedpocket made me feel a little like a kangaroo, but it was perfect for my keys without jingling the entire time, and I was even able to put my iPhone 5s (yes, I still have one) in the pocket — it felt completely locked in and secure. It has a nice elastic band that keeps things tight, but doesn’t feel restrictive on my lower torso.


It’s easily the lightest pair of running shorts I’ve ever run in. Lightweight shorts don’t necessarily make you run faster, but they make your run a lot more comfortable so, at least, you feel like you can run faster.


There’s nothing worse than running for an hour and feeling like you’re suffocating “down there.” The Speedpocket shorts have great airflow, which helps you feel comfortable as the temperature reaches 80°F — or higher.


The first thing I do when I try new shorts is some deep squats, lateral squats and lunges to see how restrictive or mobile the shorts are. (Certain shorts let you know when they’re about to burst at the seams.) It also doesn’t help that I have odd proportions: I have a 30-inch waist, but my backside and hips usually require a few sizes bigger so pants don’t feel restrictive. Luckily, these shorts fit my shape perfectly and they feel great no matter how I move.


I’ve been yelled at before by cyclists for not having reflective surfaces on my shorts (which was a little unfair because it wasn’t that dark). With these shorts, I can avoid the admonishment and be seen in low-light conditions.


To be honest, I really couldn’t think of anything. Sorry.

I’m definitely not a hardcore runner, but I like an afternoon run on a nice, sunny day a couple times a week. And for that, these shorts are absolutely perfect. When it gets very cold, I wear my Under Armour Cold Gear tights underneath, and they feel just as light and comfortable as before.

At 40-something dollars, the price is right on par with other brands who don’t have a Speedpocket. So, if you run regularly and don’t want your phone or keys flopping in your shorts, I think they’re worth it.

Also, if you’re a serious runner, I’d recommend a 7-inch or 5-inch pair. I went with the 9-inch because that’s just my style, but I can see the shorter shorts being even lighter and more breathable.

And more revealing, if you’re into that.

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Anthony J. Yeung
Anthony J. Yeung

Anthony, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, is a fitness expert at Esquire, GQ and Men’s Health and gets guys in shape for their wedding at GroomBuilder.


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