FIT IN: Las Vegas

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FIT IN: Las Vegas

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Every city has a heartbeat, but what keeps it pumping? “Fit In” explores the best ways to stay healthy—in terms of sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition—in a city. First up: Las Vegas.



Best Sensory Escape: The Wave Room

When neon lights, musical fountains, erupting volcanoes and ringing slot machines all overload your senses, grab a day pass and visit the Wave Room at Canyon Ranch Spa. The whole room is dedicated to full relaxation, featuring zero-gravity loungers, domed ceiling, rhythmic lights and the sound of crashing waves to help you de-stress and recharge.

Best Up and at ‘Em: The Stay Well Suites

You’re not going to be in your room very much. Make the most of it with The Stay Well Suites at the MGM Grand. These rooms focus on your well-being with Vitamin C-infused showers, ultra purified air, a dawn simulator alarm clock, aromatherapy machines, hypoallergenic cleaning services and blackout curtains so you wake up feeling your best.

Best De-Stress: Dolphin Yoga

The right environment can play a key factor in getting the best workout. Take your next Yoga class at The Mirage. Your session will be in the Dolphin underwater viewing area, where you’ll stretch, pose, balance and flow in the company of the ocean’s coolest mammals to rejuvenate for the day ahead.


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Best Gym That’s Actually A Gym: The Fitness Center

Many hotel gyms fail to deliver, but The Fitness Center at the Cosmopolitan gets it right. Drop by either location (West End or Eastside Towers) to get access to plenty of cardio machines, state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, resistance bands, a wide range of free weights, tennis courts and even a boxing ring.

Best Burn: Indoor Hike

It may sound simple, but the indoor hike at the Aria isn’t a stroll around town. Book a session for 60 minutes of exercise and culture as you explore City Center. You’ll appreciate art while you complete lunges, burpees, planks push-ups, and take every stair possible. If your muscles aren’t burning by the end, you’re cheating.

Best Everything You’ve Got: Xtreme Couture

Xtreme Couture is where you get your swag for the Strip; it’s also the #1 MMA Gym in Vegas. Sign up for kickboxing, GI Jiu Jitsu and sub grappling, or stick to the full body workouts like boot camp. Either way, you’ll get one of the best workouts ever.


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Best One-of-a-Kind Experience: Wynn Golf Club

The Wynn Golf Club is the only place on the Strip where you can enjoy a round of golf. Escape the streets and the desert with lush greens and waterfalls designed by Steve Wynn himself. Even if you didn’t bring your gear, The Wynn will set you up with a complimentary set of Callaway clubs and FootJoy shoes.

Best Adrenaline Rush: Shark Reef Aquarium

You wouldn’t think that a landlocked desert would be home to sharks from all over the world. But this is Vegas, and Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium has you covered with a 1.3 million gallon tank and over 30 sharks. Get up close and personal with Sandtiger, Sandbar and White Tip Reef sharks while you explore a shipwreck that’s home to rays, sawfish, sea turtles and more.

Best Moves: Omnia Nightclub

Show us your moves with three stories, 75,000 square feet, incredible music and a monstrous high-tech moving chandelier all at the Omnia Nightclub inside Caesar’s Palace. The music keeps the night alive while climate control helps you keep your cool.


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Best Sit Down: Michael Mina

It’s suspicious that an Italian-themed hotel would feature refined American cuisine, but rest assured, Michael Mina doesn’t mince on the elegance you’d expect from the Bellagio. Try the Mongolian salmon, Manchego chop salad or lobster roll, all under 500 calories and all full of flavor.

Best Secret Spot: Canyon Ranch Grill

Some spas have smoothie bars or fruit, but Canyon Ranch Grill at the Palazzo gives you a full dining experience with innovative, rich and healthy gourmet dishes. The chefs have worked their magic so everything on the menu is less than 600 calories, packed with deliciousness and will leave you asking, “How’d they do that?”

Best Off-the-Strip: Greens and Proteins

Finally, an über healthy lunch spot that fills you up and pumps you up. Greens and Proteins has exotic selections, like the Ostrich Burger, that are rich in protein, low in fat and big on flavor. Wash it all down with one of their freshly squeezed juices, like the Wellness drink, and you’ll feel like the $100 bucks you won at the tables.


Staying fit in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to skip out on Vegas. It’s possible not only to stay healthy, but also get a completely unique experience that’s free of clichéd attractions. Have some favorite healthy spots of your own? Tell us your favorites for Las Vegas, and nominate where we should go next in the comments below.


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