Find Your Perfect Race Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

Jennifer Purdie
by Jennifer Purdie
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Find Your Perfect Race Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

As one of the most popular personality tests in the world, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test provides 16 different results — a combination of four letters.

These letters include:

Finding your combination gives you valuable insight into your ideal career type, how you act in relationships and your personality in general.  

If you do not know your four-letter Myers-Briggs personality type, you can take a test. Once you receive the results, come back and find out what type of race might suit you best:

Race: Look for non-team-based strategic races that make you move like a chess player like Warrior Dash. It allows you to outwit your fellow racers throughout 12 obstacles rather than simply running fast.

Race: Races in locations offering unique architectural wonders and museums can give you something to look forward to once you cross the finish line. Try the Marine Corps Marathon, held in Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., you can visit and learn about U.S. history while meeting thousands of Marine volunteers with stories to tell.

Race: Look for team-based events in which you can lead your team to victory by using your confidence and authoritative personality like Tough Mudder. You work as a team to cross over challenging obstacles, and you can motivate others throughout the entire race.

Race: Look for races that put you on a constant quest for knowledge — races that require different types of gear and tactical strategies like XTERRA Triathlons. Switch to a multi-sport endurance race to allow for greater use of your mind. You must keep your head in the race during off-road biking and trail running, rather than tuning out like you might in a typical road race.

Race: Look for races that go beyond the regular city half-marathons/marathons, such as ultramarathons, Ironmans or races in which you can lend your knowledge to others. With Girls on the Run, you can share your wisdom and experience of the sport to inspire a future generation of runners

Race: As someone who looks for the good in the worst of events, find races with a cause to add more purpose to your running like St. Jude Memphis Marathon. As an introvert, it might feel hard to ask others to donate to charity. But you don’t have to with this race, as registration fees alone help support the children of St. Jude.

Race: Look for races that offer opportunities to improve the communities in which you live. Association races, like those put on by the New York Road Runners and Boston Road Runners inspire community members to run. Joining such groups allows you to use your charm to get others interested in the sport.

Race: Look for races that offer opportunities to make social connections with others, like large, silly races in which runners don’t take themselves seriously like Cupid’s Undie Run. Runners race in their underwear, allowing you to exhibit your wild side. Bonus: As a campaigner, you can use this race to raise money for charity.

Race: Look for individual (non-team) races that require you to come prepared and study up on a course. In the XTERRA Trail Run, rather than follow thousands of runners along roads, trail running allows for more tactical racing, as well as preparing for anything the wilderness throws at you.

Race: Look for races that allow you to bring your friends and family, as you appreciate spending time around them like Disney races. Not only do you get to run through the parks, but you can then spend the day at Disneyland/World with your family.

Race: Look for races in which you can offer guidance, bring communities together and lead the way to the finish line like the Ragnar Relay. As a team-based relay event, you have an ability to lead in multiple areas: motivating your team to get through each leg, finding your way to the stop points and keeping everyone encouraged through the long night waiting for their turn to run.

Race: Look for races in which you get to help people. From nonprofit races to team races that allow you to spend much-needed time with friends like the Hot Chocolate 15K. Register with someone you know who needs a pick-me-up, as chocolate surely puts a smile on people’s faces.


Race: Look for races that require gear, like mountain races, eco challenges and multi-sport events like Polar Circle Marathon. Taking place in Greenland within the Arctic Circle, runners go over an ice cap and must wear spikes on their shoes.

Race: As a true artist, look for races like the Color Run that offer creative aesthetics, like those that take place in artsy cities like Santa Fe, or offer colorfully designed courses. As one of the most creative personality types, you will appreciate the dazzling displays of color as you race.

Race: Look for races that involve an element of risk — races through deserts, up a mountain or involve fire like the Spartan Race. You can choose races that cover 3–14 miles. All include dozens of obstacles that involve anything from crawling under barbed wire to jumping over fire.

Race: Look for themed races that involve costumes, frivolity and perhaps adult libations like Bay to Breakers. It is one of the largest running races in the world, and it allows participants to dress up in silly costumes.

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Jennifer Purdie
Jennifer Purdie

Jennifer is a Southern California-based freelance writer who covers topics such as health, fitness, lifestyle and travel for both national and regional publications. She runs marathons across the world and is an Ironman finisher. She is also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. You can follow her on Twitter @jenpurdie.


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