EverydayHero: I Workout Because Challenge

by Rachel Daily
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EverydayHero: I Workout Because Challenge

We all know giving feels good and so does getting fit, so why not combine the two?

Today MapMyFitness and fundraising platform everydayhero are joining forces to help you give your perspiration purpose by dedicating your workouts to your favorite charity in the #iworkoutbeCAUSE 30 day Charity Challenge.

Get fit, feel great and fundraise for the cause closest to your heart from June 16th and you could win a $2,000 donation to your charity and a $500 Under Armour voucher for yourself!

Interested? Join the challenge now!

To celebrate the start of the #iworkoutbeCAUSE 30 day Charity Challenge, here’s some top tips to help you reach your fitness and fundraising peak over the next 30 days…

  1. Set yourself a goal

We’ve all been there, you put on your sneakers, grab your iPod and start pounding the pavement, until you realize, you’re not even sure how far you’ve come. You ask yourself, have I run for long enough? It’s impossible to improve without a benchmark. So, set yourself a goal, achieve it, and then better it.

The key to getting the most out of your fitness and fundraising is to set yourself incremental goals and celebrate your success when you reach them. Whether you are running, walking, hiking or cycling for your cause in the #iworkoutbeCAUSE challenge, set yourself some personal milestones and push yourself to reach them. Increase your workouts by another 5 minutes each time or aim to ask 3 friends each week for a $50 donation and you’ll reach your goals in no time! After you raise your first $50 you’ll be able to see yourself rank on the #iworkoutbeCAUSE leaderboard and feel great knowing there’s just $100 and 12 workouts between you and the major prize draw.

To find out how to win click here.

  1. Your effort matters, make it count.

Most people who start a fitness plan fail because they expect too much, too soon. Remember, being fit is not about being perfect, it’s about being better than you used to be. Don’t let yourself fall off the bandwagon, track every step and make sure it counts with MapMyFitness and everydayhero. Show your family and friends all the miles covered, time spent sweating and calories burnt by posting your workouts straight to your #iworkoutbeCAUSE fundraising page. This will show them how dedicated you are to working out for the cause


you love and will motivate them to support you by making a donation to your page. After all, you’re giving your time, energy and effort to your favorite charity…and that’s something you (and they) should be rewarded for!

  1. Share your passion

Tell people why the cause you’ve chosen matters to you, why you’re getting fit and what you’re fundraising for. Sharing your story goes a long way to inspiring others to support you. Whether you love using email to stay in touch or Facebook obsessed, make sure you share your page with those close to you in whatever way suits you best and let them know that you are working out (and working hard!) for your charity in everydayhero’s #iworkoutbeCAUSE Challenge. Knowing you are helping the cause you love is motivation enough for you but sometimes your friends and family need to know the back-story behind why you’ve chosen your charity and why your cause is awesome!

All you need to do is convince 3 generous people to donate $50 and log 12 workouts to be entered to win the major prize.

  1. Celebrate your milestones

Celebrate your achievements and allow others to celebrate with you! As you reach your goals or feel encouraged by all the wonderful support you receive, post images and updates to your #iworkoutbeCAUSE fundraising page and share it again with your family and friends. They’ll feel encouraged knowing you’re feeling great about what you’re doing and those that haven’t donated yet will be reminded to! Whether it’s a picture of you in your workout gear or a heartfelt message of thanks to everyone who’s encouraged you, use your page as a way to take those close to you on your fitness and fundraising journey. You can also see the impact of all your effort, voice, money and community on your personal Giving Footprint inside your everydayhero account!

  1. Follow up is key!

The more you ask, the more you raise. It might seem obvious but it often gets forgotten! Let’s face it, if you’ve joined the #iworkoutbeCAUSE challenge you’ve probably done so because you’re a little bit competitive (and a generous sort of person!). You want to see your name on that leaderboard and you want to be in the major prize draw, but the only way you’re going to get there is to ASK.

Ask personally, ask often, and ask again. Over the 30 day challenge, make sure you regularly reach out to people directly as well as posting out on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to follow up on your initial ask. You’ll be surprised how many people just forget to give, so a little reminder will help jog their memory and help you reach your fundraising goal!

Haven’t joined the #iworkoutbeCAUSE challenge yet? Get started today.

Already joined and have questions about your fundraising? Visit everydayhero’s Sidekick Help Center.

How to Play: #iworkoutbeCAUSE 30 Day Charity Challenge

Taking part in everydayhero’s #iworkoutbeCAUSE 30 Day Charity Challenge is easy! Simply follow these steps and you could WIN:

  1. Join the Challenge and begin by creating your own personalized everydayhero fundraising page in support of a charity you love.
  2. Share your fundraising page with others and start logging your workouts. All activity types are eligible, so walk, run, swim, ride or dance your way to victory.
  3. Raise over $150 and record at least 12 workouts (minimum 20 minutes duration each) for your chance to WIN the major prize of a $2,000 donation to your chosen charity and a $500 Under Armour gift card for yourself. There are also weekly random prize draws of $100 Under Armour gift cards.

Pick your charity of choice, workout to stay fit and healthy, and change the world! Now that’s what we call a worthwhile challenge. Enter here! 

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