MapMyFitness Mobile Apps Now Integrate with Armour39®

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MapMyFitness Mobile Apps Now Integrate with Armour39®

The latest iOS version of the MapMyFitness suite of mobile applications now includes product integration with Under Armour’s Armour39® performance monitor. Armour39 allows all athletes to track heart rate, calories, real-time intensity, and WILLpower™- the first true measure that boils a workout down to a single score – and for the first time ever, is now integrated directly into the MapMyFitness mobile workout experience.

Through this integration, users can set and track WILLpower scores through the mobile coaching features. Measured on a scale from 0.0 – 10.0, now each workout will accurately display your intensity level through real-time heart rate data and calories burned. Audio features include voice feedback to ensure you’re staying on pace to meet workout goals.

So, what is WILLpower? WILLpower is based on an algorithm that combines how long you workout, activity type, gender and weight and key heart rate measures. A new way to train measured through a simple score rating.


  • Make sure you have the latest version of the iOS app
  • Strap on the Armour39, wet sensors and make sure the module is in place
  • Within the app, select “Settings,” “Heart Rate, Other Sensors and Devices” or tap the sensor bar on the Start Workout screen
  • Choose “Armour 39”
  • Ensure Bluetooth Smart® is enabled, tap “Connect”
  • Once the device is paired, select ‘Coaching’ within the Record Workout screen
  • Confirm ‘WILLpower’ as your type, and set your target WILLpower score (learn more about setting your WILLpower score)
  • Start workout

Also included with this update is the ability to set custom heart rate zones based on your performance and fitness level. Our newly updated apps let you customize five heart rate zones right on your mobile device. If you don’t know your exact zone targets, an automatic calculation will appear based on your age, weight, and gender.


During your workout, select which stats matter the most to you and view in realtime. Along with distance, duration, current pace/speed, calories and heart rate, now you can select Intensity and WILLpower. Once paired, an illuminated Under Armor logo will appear in the sensor bar.




Now get access to more of the fitness data you love. After completing your workout, view two new graphs visualizing heart rate zone distribution and Intensity / WILLpower score for Armour39 users.

MapMyFitness in as an open platform, connecting with more than 400+ fitness tracking devices. The Armour39 integration is the first direct product partnership between Under Armour and MapMyFitness, and brings our 23 million users worldwide a new way to achieve their workout goals.

Purchase Armour39 today, and get connected with WILLpower.

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