897.1 Miles & 9 More Victories by MapMyRun Users

Sarah Sung
by Sarah Sung
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897.1 Miles & 9 More Victories by MapMyRun Users

As more and more runners start cross-training or hitting the gym, MapMyRun users are still running strong. We’re finding the motivation to get out there — and not let weather, illness or getting lost stop us from running (or running farther). It’s just what we do.

Thanks for sharing your running accomplishments with us on MapMyRun’s Facebook page — keep running and keep sharing!

1. Always looking at the brightside

2. That’s superhuman strength

3. On your way to 1K

4. Bet you were glad you did

5. Nailing an age-group victory and podium finish — on your second run of the day

6. Doubling a distance PR is no small feat

7. Good to have you back

8. Way to finish strong

9. Talk about grit — congrats, Eric

10. Finding new, better ways to get faster

About the Author

Sarah Sung
Sarah Sung

An avid runner, cyclist, swimmer, yogi and all-around gym rat, Sarah Sung has written lifestyle, health and fitness content for publications including AFAR, San Francisco Chronicle, Sonima and UrbanDaddy. Now she manages editorial for MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. In her spare time she teaches indoor cycling in San Francisco and has raced in triathlons in California and Hawaii. Traveling and checking out the latest dining scene are always high on her to-do list.


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