8 Bike Racks That Treat Your Bike Like a Work of Art

Marc Lindsay
by Marc Lindsay
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8 Bike Racks That Treat Your Bike Like a Work of Art

Whether you’re a dedicated commuter or a hardcore roadie, storing your bike and gear can be a real problem — especially if you live in a small space. These eight racks are stylish and functional so you can admire your bike even when you’re not riding it.


The Clug is one of the smaller indoor storage racks you’ll find but don’t let its size fool you. It will keep your bike secure and easily mounts to any wall with minimal hardware. We like this option for city commuters living in small apartments who need to store their bike in a living area and don’t want a large or unsightly rack. The Clug comes in three different options to fit most tire sizes. The Roadie version is for tires that have a width of 23–32mm.


Made from aluminum and cork, this stylish road bike rack utilizes a cantilever design and holds the top tube securely with top and bottom arms. When mounted, it protrudes about 13 inches from the wall and allows for a handlebar width up to 55cm. The rack mounts easily with two bolts and also comes with two integrated helmet bags and gear hooks for additional storage so you can keep all your gear in one place.


This option from Artifox is simple, stylish and won’t scuff up your wall. The walnut or white oak rack options attach to the wall via small magnets, making it easy to remove when you need to. It also self-levels on any surface and fits tires up to 27.5 inches.


While there are many similar designs on the market, this well-made version from Mission Bicycle is touted as the original design and made in San Francisco. The “shelf” holds the bike via the top tube and is meant to display your bike proudly as a work of art while doubling as a shelf for books and trinkets. All units are hand-built in black walnut or white oak and come in two different sizes depending on the size and weight of your bike.


For anyone who doesn’t like the idea of mounting hardware to the wall, this hardware-free floor-to-ceiling rack from OakRak is a good-looking option. Made from red oak, it holds up to four bikes and includes storage add-ons for your other cycling gear. When used indoors, compression foam on the top and bottom of each arm keeps it from damaging the floor and ceiling. OakRak fits ceiling heights from 7–10 feet and holds approximately 200 pounds.



One of our favorite racks for storing multiple bikes in tight garage spaces, offices or apartments, the Steadyrack features a 180-degree swivel so you can move your bike on the mount side-to-side and out of the way easily to save space. Though it will take some time to mount correctly, it’s one of the most secure wall racks on this list and won’t require any heavy lifting to store your bike. The Classic rack fits tires up to 2.25 inches, while the Fender and Fat racks are for larger-sized tires.


While there are a lot of bike hooks on the market, not all work so well at keeping your bike from falling off the wall. The Cycloc Endo is about as sturdy an option as you’ll find, keeping your bike in place and free of worry when it’s put away. Aesthetically, it won’t be an eyesore in your living room, and also comes with an attachment to store your bike lock.


Though it will take up more wall space, this wall rack from Feedback Sports does a good job of keeping your bike out of the way and safe. The rubber cradle arms won’t damage your frame when hung and adjust independently, making it compatible with just about any bike or frame shape. The rack protrudes about 13.5 inches from the wall and can hold one bike up to 70 pounds.

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Marc Lindsay
Marc Lindsay

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