8 Keys to Improving Your Run This Spring

by MapMyRun
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8 Keys to Improving Your Run This Spring

Along with warmer weather and longer days, spring brings a certain air of rejuvenation and refocus. Hit the reset button this spring with advice from our most popular running articles.

Focus Your Training With These Data Points
With the rise of wearable technology and digital fitness platforms, we now have greater access to data that, if used properly, will help you become fitter, faster. Learn how to optimize your training this spring with these essential run metrics.

Recover Faster With This Routine
As the temperatures rise, you might also increase your weekly mileage. Spend five minutes a day with this foam rolling routine to keep your muscles loose and functioning properly.

Stick to a Training Plan
The best way to jumpstart your spring is by finding a new challenge and selecting a training plan that will guide you to the finish line. To keep you on track, MapMyRun just launched all new training plans that flex to your specific goals and are smart enough to adapt based on your past workout data. Take your running to the next level with MapMyRun Premium Training Plans.

Get More From Hill Repeats
With the spring race season full of shorter distances, hill running is critical to build the strength and speed you need to finish your next race with a kick. Remember these tips during your next hill session.

Be Prepared to PR With This Guide
There is nothing better than dropping a huge PR after a winter of long, dreary miles. Before you light it up, be sure to review this race-day guide.

Add Variety to Your Long Run
Winter has a tendency of locking us into the same old, same old. Freshen up your endurance work this spring with these tips.

Maintain Your Commitment With These Habits
In running, consistency is king. Keep your run training on track with these highly effective habits.

Refuel With These Post-Run Meals
One of the best things about running is all of the calories you burn on the road. While running certainly increases your appetite, it’s important to keep your post-run meals in check.


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