500 Miles in 2017 & 9 More Victories by MapMyRun Users

Emma Sklarin
by Emma Sklarin
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500 Miles in 2017 & 9 More Victories by MapMyRun Users

Our MapMyRun users don’t slow down for heat waves or summer vacations. In fact, they seem to get faster and stronger every week. Read on for running inspiration from a few of our users who shared their stories on the MapMyRun Facebook page:

1. Making the impossible possible

2. Crushing a long run in the heat

3. Getting faster by the day

4. Halfway to 1,000 miles

5. Talk about multitasking

6. Reaching mileage goals for the month

7. Adding races to the calendar

8. A runner’s favorite way to celebrate a holiday? With a 5K, of course


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9. Running farther with friends

10. Racing your way to a killer PR

About the Author

Emma Sklarin
Emma Sklarin

A runner and a triathlete, Emma loves combining her favorite things – writing and great workouts. Emma is a student at Dartmouth College, where she studies Creative Writing and races for the Dartmouth Triathlon Team. She is a San Francisco native, where the views and trails never get old.


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