4 Reasons Why You Should Workout This Summer

Max Barrett
by Max Barrett
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4 Reasons Why You Should Workout This Summer

Think about the normal summer archetype.

It evokes visions of long, lazy weekends, boozy brunches, and triple digit Instagram posts. Bottom line: distractions run rampant during the summer. Typically, it doesn’t involve pre-dawn wakeups, a strict diet regimen, or inordinate physical exertion. Physical hurdles to overcome are preceded by the mental ones, but the glory in defeating them is worth the battle against them.

Refer to these four reminders to stay on track towards reaching your athletic aims this summer:

1: Opportunity for gains will never be greater. 

You have unprecedented opportunity to physically take advantage of this time. People will be out there, they’ll be active, and they’ll be improving. It’s the season for sport. It’s the most opportunistic time of the year to realize your fitness goals. Make no mistake about it. If there’s a time, the time is now.

During the summer, no one’s asking you to slog through the misery of winter on your commute to an overpriced and underequipped gym. A rewarding workout awaits two steps outside your door. Exercising outdoors is now enjoyable. The days are longer, the sun is warmer, and passive aggressive conversations about who’s next on the bench press are over.

If there’s a time, the time is now.

2: People workout more during the summer.

That’s a fact. You are going to be exposed to larger amounts of scantily clad fitness fiends during this time of the year. The widespread enthusiasm to be fit during the summer months will be seen every time you step outside.

It’s a time-honored tradition to engage in an activity when “everyone’s doing it.” In this case, “it” is living a healthful, well-rounded lifestyle during the fleeting summer months. Don’t view the upward trend in exercise as intimidation. Use it as motivation. Feed off of it. Bottle the energetic thirst of others, and drink it.

3: Self-discipline is huge.

Create a routine and stick with it. It can be taking a walk every morning, cranking out fifty push-ups before you shower, a nourishing smoothie during the day, or a combination of these things and anything else you want to commit to. Your routine will keep you centered and provide a baseline of self-discipline to sustain and strengthen you throughout the summer. You have the freedom to control yourself. Self-discipline is not the enemy of pleasure. Pursuing your goals with discipline will create a sense of mastery and raise your self-esteem.

4: What’d you do this summer?

The question is coming. It’s sitting there right at the end of August or beginning of September. It’s not going anywhere. It will be asked, and you’ll have to answer it. There’s nothing more gratifying than to strike a chord of envy in the presenter of this question. Here’s the thing. Your verbal response won’t even matter when you’re a deafening image of robust physical health.

The summer is made up of months. Months made up of days. And days made up of moments. The dramatic physical changes we’d like to bring about in our lives don’t happen overnight. The process is gradual, but incredibly rewarding when you can commit to taking consistent, small actions over a large period of time. 

Use the summer moments to realize your fitness goals.

About the Author

Max Barrett
Max Barrett

Max is an LA-based writer. He is the most athletic of his three brothers.


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