21 Things Female Runners Know

Emily Abbate
by Emily Abbate
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21 Things Female Runners Know

The great thing about running is it’s a universal language. No matter where you are, what language you speak, your religion, your ethnicity — runners find common ground in simply lacing up and hitting the roads (or trails or treadmill …) together.

But there’s an extra special bond women share with fellow lady runners. One involves a whole lot of mutual respect for all the boob-bouncing fun that comes hand-in-hand with loving morning miles.

Here, we highlight things all female runners can totally understand.

1. Underwear can make or break a run. You think about what underwear you’re going to wear before your weekend 5-miler.

2. A chafe stick ignites joy. Whoever invented Body Glide or other chafe sticks is a saint.

3. Finding gel wrappers in your sports bra is not unusual. No pockets necessary, and we don’t want to be litterbugs.

4. You have a favorite sports bra. And you have it in at least four colorways and do laundry the second they’ve all been worn.

5. You plan your workouts around your period. Energy drops and spokes are real.

6. Getting your period on race day is possibly The. Worst. Thing. Ever.

7. You make more run dates than dinner dates with your galpal. Because who needs wine when you run a similar pace?

8. You won’t go on a date with someone who thinks running is weird. Loser.

9. You have a special place in your closet for race T-shirts. Even if you barely ever wear them.

10. Your friends/significant other own a large cardboard cut-out of your face. Hey, a girl’s got to train.

11. A large part of your email inbox relates to running. Because you subscribe to at least four daily newsletters that feature run tips and gear.

12. Your laundry has more workout clothes than regular clothes.

13. You’re either a “running shorts person” or not. There’s no in between.

14. You have a place to hang your race medals. And you’re happy to tell anyone who sees them exactly where they took place and how you did.

15. You have 12 alarms set on any given morning. You never want to miss a run.

16. You have a strategy for peeing. Bathrooms can’t be everywhere — and it’s a good thing you know exactly what poison ivy looks like.

17. You own at least three sparkly headbands. Even runners need to accessorize.

18. You’re always hungry. Pasta is king.

19. Your running watch doubles as your everyday watch. Function over fashion.

20. You bring pepper spray on every solo run. And turn on live tracking to be extra careful.

21. You have a definitive hierarchy of dry shampoos.

About the Author

Emily Abbate
Emily Abbate

Emily has written for GQ, Self, Shape and Runner’s World (among others). As a certified personal trainer, run and spin coach, she’s often tackling long runs or lifting heavy things. In addition to that, she’s working on Hurdle, a podcast that talks to badass humans and entrepreneurs who got through a tough time —a hurdle of sorts— by leaning into wellness.


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