2017 New Cycling Technology Preview

Marc Lindsay
by Marc Lindsay
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2017 New Cycling Technology Preview

Disc brakes and adventure road bikes aren’t the only new cycling products you should be on the lookout for in 2017. Here are 10 new items that will give you a glimpse of the road ahead and the future of cycling tech.


Helmet safety has taken on a whole new meaning. Connecting to a wireless remote on your handlebar, the new Lumos helmet includes left and right turn signal lights on the back of the helmet to alert others on the road of your intentions. The rear helmet sensors also turn solid red when your speed slows, to act as a brake light. The company says that if you use your helmet for 30 minutes a day, the included rechargeable battery will last around one week.


The Lattis Ellipse bike lock connects to your smartphone and features both keyless technology and a theft detection alert to deter bike thieves. Aside from being nearly impossible to pick, it also charges via solar panels and is made with a 17mm steel bars on each side — meaning you’d have to cut it twice to get it to break.


While they might look similar to your standard Oakley Radar sunglasses, the new Pace model does much more than protect your eyes from the sun. The frame includes removable earphones, three microphones, plus internal sensors that pair with your heart-rate monitor, power meter and cadence devices. These features are why Oakley launched their voice-activated coaching system, which provides audio feedback and cues during workouts to help you stay on your predetermined goals — making it sort of like having a coach right there on the bike with you.


There’s no doubt urban commuting can be a great way to beat traffic and get around town. One of the major downsides is that there are cars on the road, and if you’re riding right next to tailpipes, you’re probably breathing in your fair share of exhaust fumes. The pollution scarf designed by Wair filters 99% of pollutants and is designed to fit a variety of face shapes.


A big problem for anyone who likes to explore remote regions by bike is that the farther away you are from society, the more likely it is that your smartphone isn’t going to work if something goes wrong. This satellite communicator will allow you to send two-way texts messages from anywhere on the planet and can be paired with your smartphone. It also features SOS trigger when search and rescue is needed and includes the ability to track and share your location with family members while you’re away from home.


With voice commands and a completely waterproof housing, the newly released Hero 5 Black GoPro has seen some serious updates from its predecessor. While the latest and greatest won’t come cheap, the new image stabilizer, 4K resolution and two-inch touch display make it one of the best bike cams currently on the market.

Price N/A

Another innovative turn signal option is this new cycling backpack from Royole. By touching the sensor near the shoulder, you’ll be able to signal a left or right turn through LEDs on the back. The flat design also stays out of the wind and distributes weight evenly. Pricing details have not yet been released.


In an attempt to compete with the popular direct-drive Wahoo Kickr, CycleOps has released the Hammer for 2017. While there don’t seem to be too many differences aesthetically, Cycleops claims that their 20-pound flywheel replicates real world inertia to create a road like feel that is second to none. It also plays very nicely with CycleOps VirtualTraining to provide the ultimate indoor cycling experience.


While it might seem like another gimmick, there are plenty of reasons behind the madness of Zipp’s new eye-catching rim shape. This new technology which Zipp calls Sawtooth results in a wheel that performs better aerodynamically at top speed and in crosswinds than the 404. It’s also stiffer, lighter and said to be much more stable, which should inspire a bit more confidence on heart-pounding descents.

$6,000 (frame only)

If you’re seeking out the latest and greatest in road bike technology, the brand new Dogma F10 should be on your shortlist. Many of the updates from the already extremely fast Dogma F8 were taken from Pinarello’s Bolide, which is among the fastest time trial bikes in the world. Reshaping the downtube and seat tubes are said to provide a 12.6% aerodynamic advantage over the F8 while also decreasing overall weight 6.3% and providing around 7% more front-end stiffness. These are differences you’ll notice when you’re riding at full speed and while ascending gradients that approach double digits.


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