20 Things Every Runner Knows to Be True

Ashley Lauretta
by Ashley Lauretta
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20 Things Every Runner Knows to Be True

Running is a wonderful sport that appeals to so many of us. However no two of us run alike — different paces, varying distances, a spectrum of levels and body types. Yet at the end of the day, we can all call ourselves runners. It’s an identity.

Simply put, there are some things about running that are just fact. For example, for every five good runs, you’ll have one bad one. Or if you have a body and you run, you have a runner’s body.

Here are a few undeniable things about the sport that every runner knows to be true:

1. The best days usually start with a run.

2. The first 10 minutes of a run are always the hardest.

3. Had a bad day? Happy? Bored? Can’t sleep? The answer is always the same: Go for a run.

4. Body Glide is one of the best inventions in the world.

5. Optimism is an added bonus of a new pair of running shoes.

6. The search for the perfect pair of running shorts is like finding Prince Charming; you may have to kiss a lot of frogs along the way, but eventually you’ll find the one.

7. Drinking water while running through a water stop and getting more water in your mouth than on yourself is next to impossible, but we still try.

8. Bad runs happen to good people.

9. A cold beer is sometimes the perfect post-run fuel.

10. You feel guilty every time you use a coffee shop’s bathroom during a long run. (But you aren’t sorry.)

11. The perfect playlist can make all the difference.

12. Compression socks are the key to being able to walk the day after a marathon.

13. Motivation isn’t something that can be lost or found. It just is.

14. A good running buddy will help you go farther, get faster, be fitter — and make it all more fun.

15. Strength training is a necessary evil.

16. No race will ever feel as long as the walk from the finish line to the end of the finishers’ chute.

17. Toenails are a precious commodity.

18. Don’t ever — ever — do anything new on race day. (Or wear the race T-shirt.)

19. There is no feeling quite like crossing the finish line of your goal race.

20. Running is a lifelong journey, and every step along the way is absolutely worth it.


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Ashley Lauretta
Ashley Lauretta

Ashley is a journalist based in Austin, Texas. She is the assistant editor at LAVA and her work appears in The Atlantic, ELLE, GOOD Sports, espnW, VICE Sports, Health, Men’s Journal, Women’s Running and more. Find her on Twitter at @ashley_lauretta.


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