20 Great Running Accomplishments by MapMyRun Users

Emma Sklarin
by Emma Sklarin
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20 Great Running Accomplishments by MapMyRun Users

Every week, we ask you about your running accomplishments — from meeting race goals to returning after taking time off. We love these posts — you inspire us, and each other, to do more and push harder. It’s infectious! Here are some of the awesome responses you shared with us on the MapMyRun Facebook page:

1. Ah, the glorious first run after an injury

2. Building on victories

3. Rising before the sun for your morning run

4. Starting a run tired and still loving it

5. There’s nothing better than PR-ing on your favorite route

6. Celebrating with extra birthday miles (Happy Birthday!)

7. Bringing rain-or-shine to a whole new level

8. Exercising your body and voting rights simultaneously

9. Getting back to running and “me-time” after a baby

10. A marathon to kick off summer

11. Keep that streak going

12. Bacon as the next hot race snack? Still up for debate

13. A full race calendar keeps your eyes on the prize

14. A great ranking is never a bad way to end a race

15. Precision and mileage

16. Double the half marathons, double the fun

17. Way to get back out there after a rough patch

18. They say after the second marathon, you’re hooked

19. Hooray for multi-generational running

20. And finally: A reminder to keep it simple


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About the Author

Emma Sklarin
Emma Sklarin

A runner and a triathlete, Emma loves combining her favorite things – writing and great workouts. Emma is a student at Dartmouth College, where she studies Creative Writing and races for the Dartmouth Triathlon Team. She is a San Francisco native, where the views and trails never get old.


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