20 Creative Ways to Take More Steps

Erica Schuckies
by Erica Schuckies
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20 Creative Ways to Take More Steps

What does the number 10,000 signify to you? If you said “I gotta meet my step count!”, read on. Actually, 10,000 steps is really an arbitrary number and depends on many factors. That being said, wellness experts (such as the Mayo Clinic) recommend that healthy and able-bodied people rack up around 10,000 steps per day, which adds up to a little less than five miles.

With just a few simple tweaks throughout the day, you can add valuable steps to your daily count, helping you hit 10,000 (and beyond) before you know it.

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At Work

1. Walk to a co-worker’s desk for a face-to-face chat instead of Slacking or e-mailing them.
2. Take walking meetings when possible.
3. Meet a friend for lunch somewhere in between your respective offices. Walk there, of course.
4. Stand up and pace while on a conference call.
5. Pass up the closest bathroom, for the furthest.
6. On a nice day, walk to the office.

At Home

7. Play with your kids — something active like tag or hopscotch.
8. Walk your children to and/or from school.
9. Clean house — vacuum, mop, dust, etc.
10. Walk your dog.
11. Unload the dishwasher.
12. Do laundry, fold it and put it away.
13. Do yard work — mow the lawn, rake leaves, garden.
14. Wash the car. (And your spouse’s. And the neighbors’. And your friends’ car.)

On the Go

15. Two words: Pokemon. Go.
16. Window shop and people watch at the mall. (Or go ahead and snap up those kicks you’ve been eyeing.)
17. Take the long way. Everywhere.
18. Go dancing.
19. Use role-playing apps, such as Zombies, Run! or Ingress.
20. Walk around the field during your child’s games or practices.


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About the Author

Erica Schuckies
Erica Schuckies

Erica is a runner, gym rat and outdoor buff based in Austin, Texas. She is a lifelong athlete, having participated in a number of sports from her youth years well into her adult life. Erica has a passion for creating and sharing information, motivation and inspiration to help athletes-in-training across the world. She previously worked as the Running Editor at ACTIVE.com. You can follow Erica on Twitter or Instagram.


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