14 Thoughts Every Runner Has During a Cold Run

by Rachel Daily
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14 Thoughts Every Runner Has During a Cold Run

You know who you are. The brave. The courageous. The strong. YOU are a cold weather runner. You don’t let snow slow you down. Wind doesn’t sway you. Hail doesn’t change you. Rain – well rain isn’t fun but you’re probably out there in it anyways. Are you superhuman? Likely not but you’re a human devoted to your craft and dedicated to your health and for that, we applaud you. Since you aren’t a superhuman but rather one that dares to tackle the elements, we found a series of animations that describe running in the cold winter months almost perfectly from Runner’s World. What is the one you can relate to most? 


1. That feeling you get when the first snowflakes of the season start to come down.


2. But then you step outside and realize, wait, maybe I should wear full tights instead.


3. You’re a mile in and the regret starts to sink in. Maybe it’s time to turn around now.


4. But then you just start pleading for any kind of help.


5. Oops! Patch of ice.


6. You fall and think, “Maybe if I don’t get up, I won’t be hurt.”


7. Everything hurts! You can’t feel anything.


8. You look down at your watch and you’re not even halfway done.


9. Ok, it’s time to turn back.


10. You finally get home but are so delirious from the wind, cold, and snow that you can’t see.


11. A nice hot shower will feel so good… not!


12. Your friend doesn’t understand why anyone would go out in this weather – especially for a run.


13. You try to explain, it really wasn’t so bad.


14. Then you look at the calendar and realize it’s still fall.


Gifs courtesy of runnersgrumblr.tumblr.com. Compiled by Hannah McGoldrick. Follow @runnersgrumblr for more hilarious running gifs. 

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