12 Run Crews and Clubs You Need to Know

Ashley Lauretta
by Ashley Lauretta
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12 Run Crews and Clubs You Need to Know

Whether you’re new to running or a veteran, long mornings of solo miles can take their toll. Luckily, there are run crews all over the country to get you out of your comfort zone and into the community. So what makes a run crew unique?

“A run crew is like a family,” explains Arlynn Alberto and Melanie Lopez of Concrete Runners, a crew based in San Francisco. “While a run club is like a gym membership where you join on runs and maybe meet a few people here and there, you really make relationships in a crew. We go on runs, travel for fitness events and races — both out of state and internationally — and most importantly we support each other’s endeavors and celebrate our accomplishments.”

We have rounded up some popular run crews and groups across the country who are accepting runners of all levels and ages to join in on the love of running and exploring the city on two feet.

New York City

This well-known run crew was founded in November 2013 to give the community a free way to get fit. With social runs on Monday nights and speed workouts on Thursday nights, this group gets a unique view of their iconic neighborhood. Founded and managed by Alison Désir, the group also hosts the Harlem 1-Miler in June, now in its third year. Harlem Run also has special clinics and events surrounding popular races, perfect for members to learn even more about the sport.

New York City

This New York City-based running crew meets every Thursday at the Under Armour Brand House for a workout designed for runners of all paces. It is  also known for some unique events for runners in the city, and has hosted Q&As with gold medalists (such as Natasha Hastings) and weekend taco runs to help bring runners together to learn to love the sport. Founded in 2013, members consider themselves a family with a goal of making every runner their fastest — with an emphasis on being your best versus competing against others.


This crew has members of all speeds and abilities and explores the streets of Chicago and all of its diverse settings and neighborhoods. Three Run Two offers four free workouts every week, including one chosen by members weekly on Facebook. It also hosts events, such as the post-Chicago Marathon party, for members to socialize and continue to build their community outside of the sport.

Washington, D.C.

This run crew popped up in our nation’s capital in 2013 and hosts a workout every Wednesday night and has three dedicated run groups led by captains. Fees depend on the month you join, and members get access to additional events and programs, including coaching and shoe testing. It also created Bridge The Gap D.C., which hosts events to welcome other run crews when they visit the city.

Los Angeles

Founded in 2013, this running collective was born out of the desire to connect the city of Los Angeles through running. It hosts weekly running events, a free training program and its race, the HBD LA 5K. A highlight of BlacklistLA includes its Monday night art run beginning at 10 p.m., when the group runs to street art displayed around the city.

Los Angeles and New York City

This crew considers itself to be both a fitness and social group, meeting for everything from running to strength training workouts. When you officially become a member, you get access to special events and discounts, but you must apply and be approved by the board. There are four locations for the Electric Flight Crew — three in the Los Angeles area and one in New York City — and as an added bonus, you’ll get a curated playlist for each training session to help get you through every workout strong.

San Francisco

This run crew hosts free events for the Bay Area to get residents active and bonded in their love for the sport. It is now in Season 4 of its crew and offer its runners discounts to local races and stores. Founded by Arlynn Alberto in 2014, this run crew grew organically via social media and continues to welcome new members with open arms daily.

Flagstaff, Arizona

This running group gives members the chance to be a part of an inclusive running community in Flagstaff. Membership is $125 and gives runners access to weekly coached runs, strength training sessions and organized social gatherings. In addition, Team Run Flagstaff gives casual runners the chance to interact with Team Run Flagstaff Pro, a group of elite runners who train to compete at a national- and world-class level. No matter the level of runner, motivation is plentiful in this community of runners.


Austin, Texas

Membership to the Austin Runners Club costs $30 per year for access to seven free group workouts throughout the week and special discounts around town. The 43-year-old running club also host the wildly popular Austin Distance Challenge, which involves running five races: Run Free Texas 8K, Run for the Water 10-Mile, Decker Challenge Half Marathon, 3M Half Marathon and the Austin Marathon & Half Marathon. Now in its 21st year, runners can choose the half- or full-track challenge and, upon registering, receive free membership into the Austin Runners Club (upon completion, they receive an Austin Distance Challenge running jacket).


This running club was created for all runners, whether you are new and making it a regular part or your lifestyle or a veteran who wants to get competitive in the local race circuit. Members pay $50 a year and have access to local discounts and member events, including film screenings and its Beer Ultra event. There are nine groups that meet throughout the week offering everything from track workouts to women’s-only runs and lunchtime workouts. The Seattle Running Club has also organized runs at locations such as Mount Rainier and the Discovery Park Visitor’s Center, giving members the chance to run on a wide range of terrain and landscapes.

San Diego

This run club is more than just a group for runners — it is part of a foundation that gives back to the community with local beach and city cleanups. Members pay $89 to be a part of the run group and have access to three coached workouts per week. Additionally, runners train for local races together — and often get discounted race entry. The San Diego Run Club also offers hosted bike rides and swims, meaning members get some much-needed cross training in as a group, too.

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Almost every runner out there is familiar with the town of Hopkinton, as it serves as the start line of the iconic Boston Marathon. The Hopkinton Run Club was started in 2003 and hosts runners from all over the region. Both members and non-members have access to its Saturday morning weekly group runs. Members can join for $25 and get access to additional group workouts, discounts from local businesses and admission to club parties. Best yet, runners get the chance to enter the lottery for special Boston Marathon Invitational Entries received by the club each year.

Did we miss your run crew? Let us know in the comments which one you belong to — and how it’s helped your running.


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