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August 17, 2017

4 Must-Do Tactics for Cycling in the Heat

Whether you’re a mountain biker, roadie or weekend warrior, heat stress can put you in a dangerous situation. Fortunately, by learning to identify common warning signs early and using basic...
July 17, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Running

Here’s some good news for rookie runners battling your first round of training in the summer heat: It is possible to effectively train and race during the summer. There are, of course,...
June 6, 2017

How to Fuel Your Trail Running

If you’re new to trail running — or even if you’ve been doing it for years — the one piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked is the nutrition component. Because trail running is a more...
February 27, 2017

Effective Hydration Tips for Runners

When it comes to running, effective hydration requires a litany of decisions, like whether or not to use sports drinks and whether to follow your thirst versus setting a schedule. While there’s...