Getting Whip Fast & 9 More Victories by MapMyRun Users

by Emma Sklarin
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Getting Whip Fast & 9 More Victories by MapMyRun Users

The MapMyRun community spans the globe, but there’s one thing every user has in common: An incredible passion for running and a determination to continue getting faster and stronger, no matter what life throws at them. Every week, we gather some of the inspiring accomplishments you share on the MapMyRun Facebook page. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Taking 5 minutes off your mile time, soon after a baby

2. You’ll be back in your groove in no time, Corrina

3. Finding the motivation to run, even when you’re exhausted

4. Serious mileage #goals

5. Toddler racing burns tons of calories

6. Quintessential summer runs

7. Cheers to 75 miles by the end of July

8. Crushing past PRs

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9. Finishing your longest run yet

10. Getting the whole family out for a fun-filled run in the rain