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First Comes the Training, Then Comes the Gaining

by MapMyRun
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First Comes the Training, Then Comes the Gaining

Whether you’re seeking your first sub-2 hour half marathon or your first time squatting your own bodyweight, consistency and dedication are crucial to achieving any big “first” in your fitness journey. And unless you’re blessed with exceptional genes and naturally perfect form, you probably aren’t going to be super successful without preparing for the task at hand.

Training to reach a specific goal requires a plan and the commitment to stick with it through any challenge that comes your way. You might not see immediate gratification following each workout, but the long-term payoff always seems to be worth all the sweat (hopefully no blood and tears) when you finally reach score that monumental “first.”

Samsung and Under Armour have collaborated to inspire you to push beyond your comfort zone and take on your own ‘Firsts.’ Join Under Armour’s Natasha Hastings, an Olympic gold medalist, on a challenge that will celebrate individual training milestones.

To keep you motivated on your training journey, Samsung has teamed up with MapMyFitness to reward dedicated app users who are training for their own “firsts.” When you sign up for the Samsung Firsts Never Stop – Train Edition challenge, you’ll receive badges for 5, 10, 15 and 20 workouts logged during the 30-day challenge period. When you complete the challenge by logging at least 20 workouts, you’ll be entered to win a Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, a MapMyFitness-compatible smart fitness band made for all the ways you work out.

Remember that your training now will help you reap the benefits of your strength, speed and fitness gains in the future. Plus, each workout gets you closer to achieving your goal and increases your chances of scoring a new Samsung device! But first (see what we did there?), you gotta sign up for the challenge!


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