October 17, 2017

4 Run-Anywhere Running Tips

No matter where you find yourself, one of the best things about running is you can create a great workout nearly anywhere. Not only is small-town running completely doable, but it is also a great way...
October 16, 2017

7 Post-Run Mistakes to Avoid

With all of the time you put into training, it can be hard to think about squeezing yet another thing into your schedule. For many of us, once our run is over, we’re on to the next thing on our...
October 13, 2017

10 Awesome Running Trails in the U.S.

One of the best parts of running is getting outside and experiencing the great outdoors. Instead of pounding away on a treadmill or sticking to the same old city-loop, try one of these 10 iconic...
October 11, 2017

Does Taping Really Work for Runners?

From Olympic athletes to the casual runner in a local 5K to competitive tennis players, you’ll find brightly colored Kinesio tape (KT) stretched on legs, backs and even forearms. According to...