August 31, 2017

Optimize Your Training With Heart Rate Variability

You’ve heard of heart rate zones and training by heart rate. Maybe you even know your resting heart rate can reflect how you’re recovering from, or adapting to, workouts. But what about heart...
August 7, 2017

Why Your IT Band and a Foam Roller Don’t Mix

When most people pull out a foam roller, the first thing they do is lie on their side and start rolling up and down the outside of their thigh — their IT band. Pain and plenty of cringing is...
July 25, 2017

6 Things to Know Before Swimming in Open Water

The pool is fine and predictable, but whether you’re training for a triathlon or looking to spice up your lap swimming, open water training could be for you. Plus, nearby lakes and the ocean are...
July 1, 2017

Get Results From Micro-Walks

Lack of time is one of the most oft-cited excuses for skipping exercise. To be sure, finding more than a few spare minutes at a time to devote to physical activity each day can be next to impossible....