Molly Hurford

September 13, 2017

6 Rules to Follow When Running with a Pack

For many of us, running is hard enough. Add a backpack, and things get tricky, fast. While there’s a pack that fits most every body, it’s still extra weight on your frame. The silver lining is...
September 7, 2017

Use Back to School as Your Running Reset

Whether or not you or someone you know is actually going back to school, this is back-to-school season. It’s a moment in the year when things are starting to draw to a close but there’s still...
August 29, 2017

Mantras Made for Runners by Runners

Some runners live and breathe running and love it. Most of us, however, probably have a love/hate relationship with running. We love how it feels afterwards, sometimes even during a run, but we can...
August 14, 2017

7 Things Runners Should Know as We Get Older

Running isn’t a young man’s game, but there are 80-plus year olds out there setting records and steadily hitting mileages that would intimidate some 25 year olds. However, as we age, there are a...