14 Tips on Becoming a Consistent Runner

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14 Tips on Becoming a Consistent Runner

We’ll be the first to admit it: Running isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be pretty hard at times. And if you’re just getting started, getting through that hump before it becomes a habit can be extra challenging.

With the right approach and a can-do attitude, just about anyone can become a regular runner. Use these tips and motivation from MapMyRun users across the world to move toward adding “runner” to your resume.

1. Start Slow

2. Forget Strategy and Listen to Your Body.

3. Lean on Friends and Family for Support.

4. Use it as a Distraction.

5. Celebrate Your Improvements – Big and Small.

6. Make it Part of Your Daily Routine.

7. Invest in the Right Gear.

8. Treat Your Body Right.

9. Sign Up for a Race.

10. Run for Yourself.

11. Run for Others.

12. Run for the Food.

13. Don’t Give Up.

14. Remember to Enjoy Yourself.

What are your tips or motivation for becoming a runner? Share yours below!


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