10 Must-Do Bike Rides in 2017

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Whether you’re looking for a ride that’s fun and casual or a race that offers the ultimate challenge, the 2017 cycling event calendar has something for everyone.

Check out these 10 rides from coast to coast that stand out from the pack.

August 17–20—Manchester, Vermont

This four-day tour has participants ride through the picturesque countryside of central and southern Vermont. While you don’t have to ride all four days, there are three different route options which are suitable for a variety of experience levels. The long route totals just under 300 miles while the short route is 106 miles, about 26 miles per day.

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  • Hoss

    I was surprised not to see maybe one of the rides like the Seattle to Portland (one or two days, 206 miles), the RAMROD (Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day), or the Triple Bypass…

    Biggest point – look around your general location; there are epic rides everywhere!