10 Awesome Bikes That Offer a Solid ROI

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10 Awesome Bikes That Offer a Solid ROI

Improvements in bicycle technology don’t just benefit the high-end consumer in search of a $10K steed. In fact, as technology improves, the mid to low end of the spectrum is where the most benefits show up. In today’s market, you can get a great bike for a fraction of the cost that the same one might have cost you a decade ago.

Dollar for dollar, these 10 bikes — that are the direct benefit of trickle-down technology —  won’t hold you back out on the road, no matter what your goals for the upcoming cycling season happen to be.


The Bianchi Intenso Dama doesn’t have the bells and whistles as some of the other bikes here, but as a women’s-only model, it’s a solid value. Built with endurance cycling in mind, the frame has a wider wheel base and uses a relaxed head tube angle to improve comfort and stability over rougher roads. It also allows for a 28 mm tire clearance and comes complete with the always-solid Ultegra group set.

Buy if: You want an endurance bike with geometry that’s women-specific.

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